Cambridge Writings is an online publishing platform for scientists on the frontline of research to share their knowledge and opinions through jargon-free essays. We publish high quality articles on many perspectives from scientists and those with other backgrounds. Articles are not peer-reviewed, but are subject to editorial review.

We host pieces summarizing new scientific research publications, explain interesting scientific concepts, discuss science policy solutions to challenging problems, or opine on political, economic, or cultural events. For our Twitter crowd, think of us as a long-form version of #AcademicTwitter or #ScienceTwitter.

Cambridge Writings was started by two MIT graduate students, Anthony Tabet and Luciano Santollani, on the premise that PhD students don’t have enough outlets to share their knowledge. Academic papers take years of preparation and are ultimately inaccessible to the general public due to jargon and journal paywalls. We wanted to create a platform to reduce the barrier for scientists to explain their research and build their brand.

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